Whore of Babylon

 by Ed Tarkowski


The following is somewhat speculative, but it is my thoughts on the subject of Rome being the
whore of Babylon.

The rise of what the Bible calls the whore of Babylon is not AT its final stage, but I believe
it is close to it. Rome is certainly a humongous catalyst to bringing "her" into a full manifestation, just as the "revival" in non-Catholic circles is another catalyst that will lead to "her" unveiling. It is definitely Rome that is heading this effort through its ecumenicalism to ready a false bride for a false christ. I think a far worse entity lies ahead and the laboring for unity by the Roman system is certainly the center for a major part of bringing the "lady" forth. If it wasn't because of Rome, the walls of the denominations would still be standing. To deny that and say this is not the work of Mystery Babylon is to be deceived.

Right now, I don't see Rome heading the unity of world religions at the United Nations, which
is also a major catalyst to evolution of this "mystery lady." Then there is the non-Catholic "revival," another catalyst. In other words, the what-seemed-like-small-efforts in small religious groups 30 years ago has evolved basically into three major entities: the UN religious unity efforts based on world values, Rome, believing itself to be the true mother of all religions, and the "revival," which has been the major effort to tear down walls and unite "Christians" across denominational lines with Rome as best they can. I see all these past efforts as the progressive evolution of the false bride.

The more "she"grows, the more "she" matures and gains stature. I believe the final effort, after some preliminary work that will probably be done, will bring together these three major entities into an even fuller manifestation of what the bride will look like in the end. From a religious aspect, the only church that has at least a hand in all three of these efforts in more or less of a capacity
(more for the mostpart) is Rome. To completely excuse Rome as being what the Scriptures calls
the whore of Babylon when it is evident that it is a major player in the evolution of this "lady" is not logical nor complimentary to common sense. Such thinking would be dangerous to one's spiritual life.

When these three major factions come together, I do not see how Rome cannot be the major
player in a close-to-finalized version of Mystery Babylon. But, there is a fourth spiritual (or religious) entity on the earth and that is Judaism. The phrase "God's chosen people" has to clash with the Roman claim of being the "one true Church" so it seems logical that that will be confronted one day in the future, most likely in a subtle way rather than openly. If the denominations have come through the stages of tearing down walls to come to some kind of
unity with Rome and non-Christian religions have met with Rome and amongst themselves for
unity sake that has indeed caused a united world religion to evolve to a higher stage, then it stands to reason that once this non-Jewish religious entity has solidified its unity to a great degree, there will be most likely a subtle effort to unite the two remaining entities, the head of which will be the false prophet to, advisor to and promoter of the antichrist.

Reminding you at this point that this is speculative, I thought of the time of the Macabees and how Antiochus had the high priest of Israel killed and placed his own high priest in his place. I don't think this will repeat itself, but it seems that some kind of penetration has to occur within Judaism where the "Gentile" world church establishes an influence or foothold within Judaism. By that I mean the placement of the false prophet that will be a "positive" influence on both Jews and the members of the world church that he might influence them all towards the antichrist.

There are indications that Rome could very well be the major player in such a deception. There is even speculation of one candidate for the papacy that is both Jew and Gentile. I am certainly not saying in any way this man is to be considered as the false prophet to come, but use it as an example that there most likely are things in the future that could bring forth such a man who could be a major influence on all the religions of the world.

So, is Rome the whore of Babylon which the Bible speaks of? Spiritually, it qualifies with its
efforts to unite the religions of the world and that is the part it is to play for sure. It in itself, I don't believe can be any kind of military power, but it will most certainly have to partnership with one when the false prophet becomes "partners" with the antichrist. This will lead, then to the control of all economies. This will evolve into a temporary, total control of the world, temporary because our Lord Jesus Christ will return lest all of mankind perish under this system.

God is sovereign and His will will be done and not even the rise of global humanity, influenced and under the thumb of "god" of this world, can dent that which God has determined to do: to bring all things into subjection to Christ who will then hand all things over to the Father. God will have His remnant out of Judaism and the rest of His holy ones out of the Gentile world and as one body they will glorify Him for all eternity in, with and through Christ Jesus our Lord.

These are my thoughts and speculations on Rome. So, we need to pray for Catholics and non-
Catholics who are involved in anything that is touching this evolving world church. We are not
called to hate them, but to love them knowing we, too, could have been swept away by this
rising entity. There have been accusations by a few that all on this list hate Catholics. I would venture to say that the vast, vast majority, if any, don't. I don't. I hate the non- personal system because that system is exalting itself against the knowledge of God and therefore many speak out to warn of it, not because they hate Catholics. God will deal with the system in His time through the coming of Christ.

We are to deal with it by warning and sharing the gospel with those in it because God loves all men and don't want any to perish. I was one once and there is nothing but grief and sorrow over them not seeing where they are being led. I was a Catholic for 30 years and I didn't leave it in hatred and anger. I left it with a deep conviction that God had poured His love into me by the Holy Spirit which He gave me when I believed on Christ. I left it with Christ taking all the guilt and death it laid on my spirit and I easily accepted because I didn't know better. Others deserve that chance, not out of hatred for them because that's impossible, but out of the love of God He has given to us for them. Ed Tarkowski http://www.ncinter.net/~ejt/