Good Defenders of the Pre-Trib Rapture Are Still Needed

Editor's note: Here is one of many attacks on the pre-trib Rapture. What is totally absent from these attacks is Scripture references. People who believe in the pre-tribulation Rapture are automatically put under one blanket with plagiarists or plagiarists who omitted a few words here and there.

In my case, I had never heard of most of the people mentioned until I was made aware of them with constant emails that I should drop my position on the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

In careful study of the Scriptures, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we have no doubt that the Lord's Body, His Church, will be removed before the Antichrist is revealed because it will be the darkest day in human history. People will be running to and fro looking for the Word of God and won't be able to find it.

Israel's Doom Is Near

"Hear this, O ye that swallow up the needy, even to make the poor of the land fail, Saying, When will the new moon be gone, that we may sell corn? and the sabbath, that we may set forth wheat, making the ephah small, and the shekel great, and falsifying the balances by deceit? (Enron?) That we may buy the poor for silver, and the needy for a pair of shoes; yea, and sell the refuse of that wheat?

"The Lord hath sworn by the excellency of Jacob, Surely I will never forget any of their works. Shall not the land tremble for this, and every one mourn that dwelleth therein? and it shall rise up wholly as a flood; and it shall be cast out and drowned, as by the flood of Egypt. (Amos 8:4-8) The Scriptures often point to a flood when addressing the tribulation to remind believers of Noah who kept on building his ark against all odds and ridicule. He and his family were saved as the flood ensued, not in the middle or in the end but in the beginning.

Hebrews 11:6,7: But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the rightousness which is by faith.

"And Jesus said unto the centurian, Go thy way; and as thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee. And his servant was healed in the selfsame hour." (Matthew 8:13)

Amos 11:9- 11 "And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord God, that I will cause the sun to go down at noon, and I will darken the earth in the clear day: And I will turn your feasts into mourning, and all your songs into lamentation; and I will bring up sackcloth upon all lions, and baldness upon every head; and I will make it as the mourning of an only son, and the end thereof as a bitter day.

"Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord."

This undoubtedly points to the fact that Bible believers are gone.

In the parable of the wheat and tares Jesus states the following when tares (heathens) were found among the wheat (believers): ".. An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up? But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them; (the actual burning is a future event and binding them in bundles is the unifying of all denominations because they do not behold the truth) but gather the wheat into my barn." (Matthew 12:28-30)

It is very obvious that we are in the times of the Harvest since the separation is under way. The ecumencial church has been in full swing since the year 2000 when President Bush declared tolerance of all religions and that all roads lead to God. It doens't matter what you believe.

In the meantime believers are expecting Jesus to fulfill His teaching that the wheat will be placed into His barn.

There is much more and we challenge you to take the following Scriptures seriously: "study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase more ungodliness." ( 2 Timothy 2:15,16)



 You should feel sorry for Dallas Theological Seminary (in Dallas, Texas, USA) and other American schools that promote the "any-moment, pre-tribulation rapture."

Since the early 1970s Dave MacPherson and other writers have shamelessly claimed that young
Margaret Macdonald of Scotland was the REAL originator of this rapture view in 1830! In 1973
R. A. Huebner, a fervent member of the (Darbyist) Plymouth Brethren, issued a booklet
condemning MacPherson.

Three years later Dr. John Walvoord, DTS president, became another critic. Even though Huebner's booklet unfortunately had numerous copying errors when quoting others, and even though Huebner offered no proof that early Brethren leader John Darby taught pre-trib before Margaret did, nevertheless Walvoord's "The Blessed Hope and the Tribulation" leaned exclusively on Huebner while likewise maintaining that Darby was the first to teach this doctrine. But even Walvoord's endorsement of Darby couldn't stop evangelical scholars from continuing to credit Margaret throughout the 1980s.

During those days, evangelical leaders such as Gary North were publicly challenging the dispensationalist intelligentsia, including DTS church history expert John Hannah, to respond to MacPherson's research. For reasons unknown the call was ignored. But not all was lost. At just the right moment, a most unlikely pre-trib rapture defender was found: Rev. Thomas Ice, whose tiny Bible church in the Austin, Texas area had been sharing its building with a saloon! (Don't saloons - smile, smile - usually need ice?)

In early 1989 Ice devoted two issues of his "Biblical Perspectives" paper to pre-trib history. Those of us who value accuracy in historical writing were disturbed upon realizing that Ice had somehow left out 48 words (which changed meanings) when reproducing Margaret's brief 1830 revelation - an average of about one missing word in every third line! And even though he said he would show that "Darby himself said he had come up with his view by 1827," not once did Ice quote any of Darby's own words but instead quoted second-hand opinions of others which proved nothing!

At least MacPherson has extensively analyzed Darby's earliest works and shown that Darby didn't have even an intimation of pre-trib before the early 1830s (or understandable pre-trib teaching before 1839). Ice's fantastic shortcomings (48 missing words and failure to provide promised proof) didn't discourage Dallas Seminary one little bit.

The next year (1990) an article of his, attempting to eliminate Margaret and elevate Darby as the pre-trib originator, appeared in "Bibliotheca Sacra," Dallas Seminary's journal. Although Ice was well aware that Margaret's main point is found in lines 58-63 in her account ("THE WICKED... revealed" following "the one taken and the other left"), in his extensive quotation of her he quoted up to line 55, ignored lines 58-63, and began quoting again in line 72! In 1991 in another work, Huebner claimed to have found an obscure quote in which Darby reportedly said (as late as 1879) that he'd believed in pre-trib (as early as 1827). On p. 100 in the same book Huebner did a u-turn, admitting that the quote could refer to something quite UN-RAPTURESQUE!

But this hasn't stopped Ice from publicly declaring since then that Huebner "has positive evidence" that Darby was pre-trib in 1827 -- declaring this long after Ice admitted in a letter that he'd known that Huebner had exploded his own thesis! (John Bray and Frank Marotta are among the American dilettantes repeating the 1827itis that Darby himself would have disowned, especially since Darby revealed in an 1850 work that it wasn't until 1830 that he began to "understand" the rapture idea!)

As stated at the start, good (and honest) defenders of pre-trib are still needed! And then there's Tim LaHaye, an American who has such an ob(noxious)session with quickly mass-producing new- titled, money-making revisions of his repetition that neither he nor his publishers can afford to
waste time (and money) with silly chores like proofreading manuscripts.

In his 1992 book "No Fear of the Storm" (lately revised as "Rapture Under Attack"), Manuel Lacunza's 1812 work "The Coming of Messiah in Glory and Majesty" is revised as "The Coming of Messiah in Power and Glory" (p. 168) and "The Coming of Christ in Power and Great Glory" (p. 207)!

And when LaHaye reproduced Margaret Macdonald's revelation, his version had the same 48 missing words that we've noted in Thomas Ice's version three years earlier! Which isn't surprising since both work together at the Pre-Trib Research Center which truthfully should be called the Pre-Trib Revenue Center. (To satisfy yourself in regard to the missing portions, key in "Margaret
Macdonald's revelation" on the Internet and compare those versions with LaHaye's----and
Ice's---- small economy size version of Margaret's words.)

This is the same Tim LaHaye who recently boasted that he has already made over ten million dollars with his current best- selling "Left Behind" book series that has had worldwide publicity. (Shades of Revelation 3: 17!) But wait. There's more. As if unscholarly scholarship and rapture date-setting failures galore weren't enough, it now turns out that for a century and a half, on both sides of the Atlantic, pre-trib promoters have not only been PLAGIARIZING other books but even sneaking OCCULT notions into their "evangelical" writings!

Remember the best -selling book "Escape the Coming Night" by David Jeremiah and C. C. Carlson? Thomas Nelson Publishers stopped production and destroyed all unsold copies of it after that title was shown to be a monstrous plagiarism of one of Hal Lindsey's books! Embarrassing plagiarism has also been uncovered lately in writings by J. A. Seiss, E. W. Bullinger, Merrill Unger, Charles Ryrie, Paul Tan, Hal Lindsey, Chuck Missler, Jack Van Impe, Jerry Falwell, Ed Dobson, Ed Hindson, and even multimillionaire Tim LaHaye (or LaHaodicean)!!

Yes, honest defenders of the pre-trib rapture are still needed! Is there anyone on earth who's willing to expose those who've been attacking the pre-trib blessed hope? If so, he or she needs to analyze certain websites. For example: and click on "Truth Revealed" and then "1830"; and learn about rapture robberies and scandals in the "History of Pre-Trib Development"; and and click on
"Dispensationalists caught plagiarizing."

Those willing to expose anti-pre-tribs need to obtain a copy of Dave MacPherson's "The Rapture Plot" which drowns us with documentation on pre-trib history. Call (800) 967-7345 in South Carolina or contact online bookstores like and then type in MacPherson's name. The millions of dollars we Americans have spent on prophetic speculation should have been spent on foreign missions, evangelism, and feeding and helping the hungry and persecuted around the world! (Even though I am an American, I can almost believe that America is destined to become the "Babylon" in the book of Revelation!) A Sister in the Lord, Lou Source: Prophecy Q&A February 24, 2001 by emailer L.M.