Spain & the New Rome - Update 2005


In January, 2004 we shared our Rapture Watch message titled, “Spain & the New Rome.” In this message I presented current events that reveal Spain’s unique placement in end time politics which make it a prime candidate for being the prophetical fulfilment of Daniel 7:20-25. In this passage of Scripture, along with Dan. 9:26, we are shown that an 11th nation that would join a restored Roman Empire would produce the last day’s world ruler Christians call the Anti-Christ.

With cautious apologies and due respect to King Juan Carlos of Spain we must also present the unusual, if not uncanny circumstances that have arisen in this particular king’s life that appear to many to be fulfilling the specific prophecies concerning the Anti-Christ.


Before reviewing our message, “Spain& the New Rome,” I want to share two articles for additional consideration from 2004 and 2005 regarding King Juan Carlos.


On November 25, ‘04 the Colorado Springs Gazette reported in an article which headlined, “Bush, Spanish king have lunch at ranch” how the president of the United States politically exalted king Juan Carlos while downgrading the ruling Prime Minister of Spain.


Quoting we read, “Spain’s king brought President Bush a message of good will Wednesday from Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriquez Zapatero, whose opposition to the Iraq war has chilled   U.S.-Spanish relations.


Zapatero, the head of the Spanish government, has written and called Bush to congratulate him on his re-election but can’t get past the White House switchboard. Bush sent him a note earlier this month thanking him.


By contrast, King Jan Carlos, who holds no political power, was flown to Bush’s ranch on a Marine Corps helicopter. The first king to visit Bush’s ranch, he was accompanied by his wife, Queen Sofia, for the one-hour, 20-minute stay that included lunch.”


From the global, political   arena we then look at the province of global religion. As the whole world looked towards Rome and paid homage to the passing of Pope John Paul II, many could not help but make note of the seating assignments given to world leaders at the former pope’s Vatican funeral.


Viewed in media images all over the earth, seated in the front row was King Juan Carlos of Spain. In row two was seated the president of the United States George Bush. King Juan Carlos was in fact notably seated in front of the bannister which separated other attending dignitaries from the assembly of auspicious Roman Catholic cardinals as he shared their floor area.


In an April 9, ‘05 Rocky Mountain News article which headlined “Miraculous gathering of world leaders” it was reported that, “More than 100 official delegations attended the funeral, one of the largest religious gatherings of modern times...just making it onto the front row was King Juan Carlos of Spain...ahead of the president of the United the second.”


The article reported that seating was done alphabetically. I’m not sure why that is contended since “B” for Bush would come before “C” for Carlos? Listing all of the different nations alphabetically does not support the seating arrangement either by my understanding.


No matter whether by Human design or providential arrangement the fascinating fact of King Juan Carlos of Spain’s preimmenent   placement at “one of the largest religious gathering of modern times” in Rome   encourages us to review for circumspection our Rapture Watch Message, “Spain & the New Rome,”      

The Denver Post article of Nov. 30, ‘03 which headlined, "EU Gives nod to defense plan" introduced numerous subjects directly related to Bible prophecy.


The article began with the statement that the "EU countries failed to reach agreement on the emotionally charged issue of whether the EU constitution should mention God or include a reference to Europe's Christian heritage."


Although Revelation Chapter 17 reveals that the European Union will someday in the not too distant future resurrect its anti-Christian stance, prophecy discloses that at first an apostate form of the Christian Church will control and be carried by the EU. Staunch Roman Catholic countries such as Italy (where the two day talks took place) and Spain are unyielding in their stance that religion have a prominent place in the final constitutional draft.


The article then centered on the European Union's objective of establishing a united European defense force. The number of members who would make up this force is what is fascinating in light of Bible prophecy. Passages such as Rev. 17:12 & Daniel 7:7 tell us that ten kings will rule directly with the Anti-Christ during the Tribulation Period.


Daniel 7:8 reveals to us that the Anti-Christ will come forth from the 11th kingdom to arise and that 3 of the original 10 will be removed by the Anti-Christ. This leads to some provocative suppositions.


Even though the EU is supposed to grow to a membership of 25 nations by May of 2004, the EU recognizes only 15 as permanent members. Of those 15, four (Austria, Ireland, Sweden and Finland) have refused to join Europe's planned defense force.


Should one of these countries reconsider their position (such as Austria) then removal of the other 3 members by the Anti-Christ would bring the permanent membership to 12. This is interesting because the EU has determined that there will be no more than 12 gold stars in a circle on their blue flag.


The final prophetic picture given of only ten kings sharing the main power with the Anti-Christ brings forth another interesting point. Although permanent EU members, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg are each recognized as individual entities, they have gone beyond being independent of each other and have been aggressively restructuring themselves under a sole nation called Benelux. If this should take on greater formalization then two more kings would effectively be removed from the EU membership, leaving 10.

Another fascinating equation to be considered is that France, Germany and "Benelux" could soon issue a statement saying they are prepared to proceed on their own "fast track," separate from the EU. This so-called "pioneer group" would be the foundation of a two-speed Europe and would seek among themselves deeper integration and shared policies according to a Dec. 14, ‘03 Colorado Springs Gazette article which headlined "Voting system split halts EU constitution summit." Once more we see 3 EU members that could be uprooted by the Anti-Christ.


Which nation became the 11th member of the EU is of course of the greatest of significance if in fact the Anti-Christ is to come from this nation as is indicted in Daniel 7:8. The 11th nation to join was Spain.


Spain, along with Britain, has been the staunchest ally to support the Unites States invasion of Iraq. From Columbus to the pilgrims the foremost colonizers of America were Spain and Britain. It should be kept in mind then that the Unites States is in fact what the Bible refers to as a young lion of Spain and Britain.


In Ezekiel 38:13 the merchants and young lions of Tarshish are mentioned as one of the 3 opposing forces who will lodge a protest against Russia (Magog) and its confederates when they invade Israel during the first 3 ½ years of the Tribulation Period.


According to Zondervan's Bible Dictionary, Tarshish is believed to have been located in the western Mediterranean region of what is now identified as the nation of Spain. Others identify it with Britain.


Looking at the country of Spain in light of current events reveals an ongoing pattern of influence in European and global affairs as well as Britain.


The vast majority of prophecy scholars agree that Bible prophecy foretells, in the Book of Daniel, that the Roman Empire is to be revived in these last days. It is rightly believed, in our opinion, that Europe will be the heartland of this restored kingdom which was also dominating the world during the time of Christ's first coming.


The birth plans for the present European Union were initiated in the same year as Israel's rebirth in 1948 and its formation was made possible by the signing of the historic 1958 European document known as the"Treaty of Rome."


Which country might rise to the supreme leadership position over the European Union and bring forth the future world dictator known as the Anti-Christ is the topic for consideration in this week's message. We have presented Britain as a candidate in various messages, but we should not overlook Spain's potential also.


Our first point which has us considering Spain as a candidate is the fact that of the 3 opposing forces mentioned in Ezekiel 38:13 against the Russian invasion, only 1 can be traced to Europe.


Why is Spain and its young lions so prominently mentioned over other modern-day nations which are noted for their military and economic might?


Quoting from 2 past news articles it is fascinating to catalogue Spain's rise in economic and military stature in global affairs at this period of history.


First, economically, from the Dec. 16, 1995 edition of the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, it was reported in an article titled "‘Euro' it is for breezy name of new European currency" that passage of the new single currency introduced in Europe in Jan. Of 1999, was achieved in the chosen country of Spain in December, 1995 by a vote of the European Union leaders at the "Madrid Summit." The growing economic strength of Spain was later noted in a special Time magazine article titled, "The Rising Star."


Aside from Spain's growing military reach in Iraq during 2003 it is interesting to point out that the long ruling King of Spain, Juan Carlos is a graduate of note from academies of all 3 branches of Spain's military.

In our second news item from the Denver Post of Dec. 12, 1995 it was reported that NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, had selected Spanish Foreign Minister Javier Solana as secretary-general of NATO and chairman of the North Atlantic Council ("NATO taps Spaniard as chief").


Further clues that intimate why Spain should be considered as the country which might bring forth the Anti-Christ, is the matter of the Anti-Christ's 7 year covenant prophesied of in Daniel 9:26-27 and Spain's religious countenance.


For those who are not familiar with Dan. 9:26-27, this passage of Scripture prophesies that at the close of the reign of Satan upon the earth, a treaty will be made between Israel and many of her neighbors for the period of a week of years, that is, 7 years. A wicked prince, who is to come forth from the people who destroyed the city of Jerusalem after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, is to give strength to the 7 year treaty.


The people who destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD were the Romans. The empire of Rome through Pontius Pilot has the dubious distinction of not only ordering and committing the murder of the Lord Jesus Christ at His sacrificial first coming, but also the slaughter of countless tens of thousands of Christ's followers through its governmental persecutions and its religious inquisitions by its courtesan, the Roman Catholic Church.


Spain finds itself inextricably linked to Rome not only through the EU, but by its own Roman Catholic allegiance and pogroms.   The present King of Spain's grandfather, Alfonso XIII, was a former King of Spain. His son, Don Juan, pretender to the throne was exiled in, of all places, Rome. A prince was then born to Don Juan while in Rome. This prince brought forth from Rome returned to claim his throne and is now King of Spain!


Then, what about the peace treaty? Keep in mind that every peace treaty signed between Israel and her enemies have been the direct or indirect result of the efforts made in Spain, at the Madrid conference.


Also of special interest is that the King of Spain not only is bound by oath to the political arm of the revived Roman Empire which is the European Union, but also must swear allegiance to its religious branch, the Roman Catholic Church and its Pope.


Countless Bible scholars have agreed throughout history that Revelation Ch. 17 reveals that the Anti-Christ will at first carry and be controlled by the Roman Catholic institution before he and the revived Roman Empire turn on its control and destroy Vatican City.


Returning to the prophecy of Dan. 9:27 we find that the Anti-Christ will center his attention in Jerusalem. Halfway through the 7 year treaty he will turn on the Jews and their religious practices. These final 3 ½ years will be the worst period in all of mankind's history by Christ's own words.


Of great interest is that King Juan Carlos of Spain visited Jerusalem in November of 1994 and visited the archaeological site of the ancient Jewish Temple located under the Temple Mount. He did this to pave the way for a treaty signed the very next month between Israel and the Vatican. This treaty, according to reports from Israel, is to someday grant a portion of control over Jerusalem to the Roman Catholic Church.   

It should also be noted that Juan Carlos of Spain, in conjunction with his designation as Monarch, holds the title of "King of Jerusalem" (the title of Jesus Christ) and "Protector of the Roman Catholic Holy Sites."

Spain is 99% Roman Catholic.

In conclusion, Rev. Ch. 13 reveals that the beastly Anti-Christ and his pontifical false prophet will seek to control the world's population by forcing every man, woman and child upon the earth to receive an identifying mark.


In July of 1996 it was reported that the country of Spain had become the first and only country in the world which required under penalty of law that all pets in the nation be injected with an I.D. chip (July/Aug. ‘96 "Endtime" magazine, "Cashless Society - How close?).


Perhaps these facts are just amazing flukes of history and the additional extensive amount of documented material compiled on this subject by the late Dr. Charles R. Taylor of "In Bible Prophecy" is no more than incredible happenstance, but then again maybe it is evidence from an all-knowing God showing the truth of His prophecies and the nearness of the time of His coming.


Whether you believe the latter or not, the truth remains that whether Jesus Christ should come today for His Church or if your life should suddenly be brought to its end, if you have not received forgiveness in the name of the Loving Lord of Eternal Life Jesus Christ then you will perish.


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