Friday, October 27, 2006 Posted by Tim Timmons

All add-ons to Jesus violate the "simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ" and even pave the way to following after the spirit of of anti-Christ. Anti-Christ means "instead of" Christ. This means that a person who is into anything that must be added on to Jesus in order to find acceptance with God is saying that Jesus is not enough. Many well-intentioned people are caught up in this spirit and count on their check list of organizations to belong to, seminars to attend, theological stances to take and a Christian religious experience to validate their "membership" in the club that is going to heaven.

But Christianity is just another religious system of do's and don'ts--another religious culture that has great value, yet complicates the simpicity of Jesus. The fill up our churches with believers in Christ. But is it enough that a person believes in Jesus?

No, even the devils are BELIEVERS! Jesus refers to a group of teachers and prophets who have been prophesying (speaking) in the name of Jesus, casting out demons in the name of Jesus and even performing many miracles in the name of Jesus. Now, it's most likely that this group of people called themselves BELIEVERS, too. Now, we have churches filled with a group of people who claim to be BELIEVERS.

SO WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Jesus says that the difference is "only those who do the will of My Father will enter the kingdom of heaven." According to John 6 the will of the Father is to do the work of God, which is to believe or trust Jesus with your life. Jesus also says that a fool builds his house on the sand with no firm foundation, because he "hears My words and does not practice them." The wise man "hears My words and practices them." The difference is simply this--those who actually do, practice and follow the teachings and principles of Jesus.

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