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Dear Friends,

Tomorrow, Friday night at 8:00pm on channel 20, (Brookhaven cable channel), The Gospel Music show will air the 3rd show that I taped a few months ago titled: The Crucifixion Site of Jesus and the Ark of the Covenant, part 2 & Sodom and Gomorrah.

The incredible thing is that for all these shows, it has not cost me financially, not one penny. God has provided supernaturally. Also, out of these 3 shows, now I have The 5 Major Discoveries Series on DVD. In my wildest dreams, I never thought, imagined or ever considered having (3) DVD's, ½ hour long each of myself doing a presentation of the these discoveries some of you probably are tired of hearing about.

I just know that God is not fooling around, in other words... The Lord is very serious about getting this message across His churches throughout the world. God doesn't waste time, all these discoveries based on the research of Ron E. Wyatt, along with the message of "Creation", God wants to balance the status of His church. The church as a whole is in an imbalance state, if you don't believe me...take it up with God Himself. Don't get upset at me, as I hear from Him, I type!

I'm excited because, at least the message is getting out there, I'm fulfilling God's call and mandate inspite of the all the obstacles, hurts and disappointments that have been thrown at me, especially from some of the leaders of the church and "brothers and sisters". So please allow me to testify of the awesomeness of God, in the midst of some spiritual chaos. Is not that I am on TV, I couldn't give two flying turtles, the point is that the message is getting out there. That's what I really care about, I hate the way my voice sounds on TV anyhow, I wish someone could dub my voice, but in reality...I just care are pleasing my Heavenly Father, not through works but through obedience!

Also, next week... I will be filming for a show titled: Creation, Dinosaurs and Noah's Ark. This is a 250 slide show presentation in PowerPoint. It is perhaps, one of the best PowerPoint presentations that I have. The Lord Himself gave me the blueprint for this presentation, like He also has on the other 10 presentations that I have put together. So please pray for me, that I reach the everybody that I am suppose to reach.

Furthermore, within a month, I will also be filming for a show titled; The 5 Major Discoveries Overview, but in Spanish. This a 146 PowerPoint presentation totally in Spanish, it's certainly a challenge, and thrilled that I'll be able to touch the "Latino" community with the gospel through the message that God has given me. Pray for me also, cause the Spanish community church is also not where it should be in God. But God is in total control, and that's the truth! He knows what is best anyways, and the best way to live is to follow Jesus and be led by the Spirit.

May God's peace and grace be with you,

In His Majestic Service, Michael - "The Arkman"


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