Beware It's Coming : The Antichrist 666

Beware It's Coming : The Antichrist 666
by William Josiah Sutton

Understanding the antichrist warning, May 19, 2000
Reviewer: adriana from Provo, Utah
This reference book is truly a missionary books for those who still believe the Holy Bible is the word of God. Beware its coming the Anti-christ 666 will not only show you the orgin of the number 666 but who is branded with it today. "I highly recomend this book as well as Sutton's four other books." Continue to click on William Josiah Sutton's other volumes.

What the Churches Have Forgotten, May 13, 2000
Reviewer: David G. Lee (see more about me) from Philadelphia, Pa, USA
Wil Sutton's book "Beware It's Coming, The Antichrist666" is a much-needed corrective for the Christian churches today. As the first title in a five-volume set, it lays the foundation for the rest of the series. This is the same foundation that the Protestant Reformation laid down nearly 500 years ago, which itself developed in earlier centuries as many Christians in small separatist churches, and many priests inside the Roman Catholic Church, began to understand that the Papal Church itself was the historical antichrist of Bible prophecy. This is what the churches have forgotten in our day, and which their members must understand, in order to be able to repent of all sin as God requires and thus stand in the judgement before Jesus Christ at the end of time. All of this is in marked contrast to what is being taught today in eschatology, ecclesiology, and soteriology. Sutton shows us how this sorry state of affairs came about.

Indeed, he has not only restated the Reformational truths on the subject of the antichrist, but he has gone deeper in that he has shown how the Devil has been weaving his web of lies about God since the fall of our first parents in Eden. You will learn how paganism entered Christianity, corrupting it, thus turning it into the arch-enemy of Christ. If this sounds strong, it is only because most people today do not understand how holy, perfect, and righteous God is, and thus how He cannot and will not accept any substitution of doctrines and practices for those found in His Word, the Bible. Sutton even goes beyond all this and shows the reader where all of this corruption is leading.

As the Director/ Speaker of the "Lift Up The Trumpet!" radio-broadcast heard worldwide on WWCR 3.210 MHz shortwave, I can say without hestitation that you need to carefully read this book, comparing it with the Word of God, the Bible. Jesus IS coming soon my friend, but before He does, Satan has an "overwhelming surprise" for the whole world. To learn what this is, and how to escape it, will be your salvation. "The Antichrist 666" will start you on your journey of understanding in fine fashion and prepare you for volume two, "The New Age Movement and The Illuminati 666"

Only As A Supplement, April 2, 2000
Reviewer: A reader from St. Ignace, Michigan
This book is okay, but I feel it is merely good as a supplement to books that offer more down to earth, plain as day explanations of 666. For example, there is an excellent book out there called 666 The Beast Revealed by Canyon Adams. I read that first actually,and then this one. Had I not read Adams' book first, I would have been either totally lost or totally fooled by this other book. But because I read The Beast Revealed first, I was able to cut through the ca-ca and see the information for what it is in this other book: some true, some partially true, some false. My suggestion is to read Adams' book first and then read this one.

Confusing and Far Stretching, June 25, 2001
Reviewer: Nedward Beatteys from DeShone, Iowa
I actually liked this book but found it somewhat inferior to other books on the subject. This author points out the sad truth that the churches are satanic, something I learned from an author named Canyon Adams and didn't believe at first but researched it myself and found it to be true. There is limitation of this book, though, because...well, for example, this author talks about how paganism slipped into Christianity but he has it a little out of whack. What actually happened is that paganism BECAME Christianity, and all the practicing high priests and emperors of paganism and the Babylonian Mystery Religion simply took the idol worship of paganism and repackaged it. And this author misses the point about 666. It is not something we will have on our hands and heads. It is the mark of the Roman Empire, the beast dreadful and terrible, that will be in our hands (work) and our heads (thoughts) as we follow the pagan calendar and holy days set forth by the satanic church.

This author's book is fair. Period. There are better books on this subject out there and available. Read those too.