Setting The Middle East Stage


"Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come. And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise anymore:.. The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing... for in one hour so great riches is come to naught. And every shipmaster, and all the company of ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off, And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying What city is like unto this great city! And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas, that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! for in one hour is she made desolate. Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for God hath avenged you on her." (Revelation 18:10.. 20, KJV)

[ED Note: a caller told me yesterday that a mosiac, inlaid pieces of an exact replica of the Statue of Liberty was found on the floor of an excavated temple in the Middle East. She represents Semiramis, the daughter of the Syrian fish-goddess Derceto. She reigned for 42 years and according to legend conquered Perdia, Libya, and Ethiopia, founded Babylon and Ninevah, and built many monuments. Later she acquired many characteristics of Ishtar. (The Columbia Encyclopedia, 2. Edition 1950, p.1791)


Koenig's International News - July 17, 2001 - The failure of the Israeli-Palestinian peace
talks a year ago came down to the sovereignty over the Temple Mount and the status of East

Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat was offered 95 percent of what he wanted, but that still
wasn’t enough. He also wanted sovereign control over the Temple Mount and the neighboring holy
sites in East Jerusalem (the Old City), including the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. He even
signed a Vatican-Palestinian Agreement in February of last year, calling for Jerusalem to be an
international city for Jews, Muslims and Christians.

At about the same time, Syria’s President Hafez Assad turned down Israel’s offer of the Golan
Heights because it did not include a 100-meter strip of land along the eastern shoreline of the
Sea of Galilee. Today the Palestinians and the Syrians have very little to show for their
efforts, and they will never see again what they had on the table.

In effect, both the Palestinians and the Syrians blew their opportunities, and now they are
dealing with the much tougher government of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The majority of the
people of Israel were tired of the frustrating peace process, and the result was the election
of Sharon by a landslide.

In reality, however, the peace process is not about the land. It is about an ancient conflict
between two faiths, Judaism and Islam. And the leaders of Islam have used the United Nations,
the European Union, and the United States to help them in this scheme to defeat their Zionist

The Islamic scheme hasn’t worked because the one true God, the Lord Almighty, has had other
plans, documented in Holy Scripture thousands of years ago. Those who continue to participate
in this diabolic plan of Islam will continue to pay a dear price, eventually paying the
ultimate price. The Lord is using these events to bring our times (the church age) to a close,
just as has been prophesied in the Bible.

The Muslims call this ongoing conflict a religious war, while the Jews for the most part do
not. The Muslims want to destroy Israel, while the Jews keep indicating that they are willing
to live side by side with their Arab neighbors.

The Muslim radicals hardly trust each other, and they can’t even coexist together. They have a
history of fighting each other. However, they apparently can come together in solidarity when
the central target is Israel.

To further complicate matters, both the American and European business, political and
intelligence leaders continue to concern themselves with the steady flow of oil from the Middle
East and its economic importance.

Among them, there also continues to be some strong anti-Semitic feelings. These leaders have
for many years, especially the last 20-plus years, had a huge impact on political matters in
the Middle East and in bringing Israel to its vulnerability at this time. Unfortunately, the
Israeli leaders have played into this charade too.

To put things into further perspective, there were 690 resolutions voted on in the U.N. General
Assembly before 1990, with almost two-thirds (429) directed against Israel. Of the 175 UN
Security Council resolutions passed before 1990, 97 were directed against Israel. The world and
the Muslim nations continue to vote against this tiny (but mighty) little nation of Israel.

The U.S. State Department and intelligence agencies have a pro-Arab history and have had a huge
impact on Middle East policy. We have only had one Secretary of State [before Colin Powell] in
the last 20 years who was pro-Israel (Alexander Haig), and he was forced out of office because
of it.

Even the American presidential administrations have been more pro-Arab because of the oil and
the concerns over its steady flow. There has also been no national energy policy, resulting in
a lot of questionable dealings with the world supply by both U.S. and British oil companies and

Leading with this priority, these two nations have compromised Israel and its existence, both
defensively and economically, for many years to appease the oil-producing Middle East nations.
The U.S. has given billions in aide to Israel, but they have also armed and aided a few of the
Muslim nations. The U.S. is reported to be spending $40 billion a year through direct aide and
military personnel to insure the flow of oil out of the Middle East.

The Muslim nations have used their oil leverage in an attempt to weaken and eventually
eliminate Israel, but in reality, Israel is very capable of taking care of herself. However,
when Israel gets to a point where she is at risk, the Bible says the Lord will powerfully
intervene. As I said last week, the Muslim oil-producing nations have the world on their side,
and Israel has the Lord on her side.

The bottom line is that the Muslims want Israel’s covenant land and want to destroy the Jews in
the process. The Lord isn’t real happy about that, and He will respond at the appropriate time.
He has also shown us through "Acts of God" that He doesn’t want the covenant land traded for
so-called "peace and security."



Man (and nations) covet oil and seek economic stability. To gain these objectives, man relies
on his own ingenuity and intellect. And yet, the Lord uses these goals and these "skills" to
bring about fast-evolving events that are compatible with the prophesied end of the age. This
world is now at a very key point in human history.

Although, as believers, we might be disappointed and even angered by the world’s super-brokers
and their clandestine and covert intelligence efforts on behalf of the Middle East oil
companies and producers at the risk of Israel, the Lord is using these activities to expose the
world’s scheme against Israel, to bring the prophetic nature of our times to a soon completion,
and to evangelize more people to Him in the process.

The situation in the Middle East is at a very serious stage. Many prophecy watchers believe
that, as the Bible forecasts in Daniel 9:27, the world is nearing the time for a peace
"covenant with many for one seven (year period)," but it will only last for half that time.

At the same time, it is not difficult for any prophecy student to discern also that the world
is moving towards the fulfillment of key Biblical "end-time" scenarios. These would be the
world’s final Middle East battles:

Those spoken of in Isaiah, chapters 17 and 19, having to do with the devastation of Damascus,
Syria and Egypt by Israel. The Gog and Magog War of Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39, having to do
with the Russian and Islamic invasion of Israel in which they are defeated by Israel through
the Lord’s help. And the final battle, the Battle of Armageddon, where the world’s armies come
against Jerusalem as mentioned in Joel 3:1-3 and Revelation 16:16.

The Lord said through Zechariah 12:9 (KJV), "And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will
seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem."



Listed below are the main Middle East power brokers: This is a remarkable list of the world’s
most powerful leaders, and they are Israeli, Arabs, Americans, Europeans, and United Nations
participants. Yes, it is astounding that all these people have been involved in the "peace and
security" talks of a tiny Middle East nation.

ISRAEL’S LEADERS Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin Prime Minister Shimon Peres Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister Ehud Barak Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

MUSLIM LEADERS Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat Jordanian President King Hussein
Jordanian President King Abdullah II Syrian President Hafez Assad Syrian President Bashar Assad
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek


Nixon and Reagan Administrations President Ronald Reagan (not CFR, not anti-Israel or anti-
Semitic, but concerned about the flow of oil) Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (Jewish and
compromised Israel) Secretary of State George Shultz (pro-Arab) CIA Director William Casey
(pro-Arab) Secretary of State Alexander Haig (pro-Israel) Secretary of Defense Caspar
Weinberger (pro-Arab)

President George H. W. Bush’s Administration President George H. W. Bush (not anti-Israel or
anti-Semitic, has many friends in the Arab nations due to oil and Desert Storm) Secretary of
State James Baker (pro-Arab) Special Assistant to the Secretary of State Richard Perle (pro-

President Bill Clinton’s Administration President Bill Clinton (pro-Arab) Secretary of State
Warren Christopher (pro-Arab) Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (pro-Arab) State Department
Middle East Envoy Dennis Ross (Jewish, but pro-land giveaway)

President George W. Bush’s Administration Vice President Dick Cheney (position still
developing, but his oil company had many Arab customers) Secretary of State Colin Powell
(position still developing, is diplomatic, moderate) National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice
(position still developing, but not a Middle East student) Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
(favors taking strong action against Arab militants, not CFR)

Jewish Businessmen Edgar Bronfman (President of the World Jewish Congress (WJC); owner of the
Jerusalem Report) Charles Bronfman - (Brother of Edgar Bronfman. Was appointed chairman of a
super-Jewish organization created by melding the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), United Israel
Appeal (UIA) and Council of Jewish Federations. Has bought key industries in Israel.) Conrad
Black (Chairman of the Hollinger Corporation the owners of the Jerusalem Post. Hollinger is one
of the biggest clients of Henry Kissinger Associates.) Henry Siegman - (Heads American Jewish
Congress (AJC); Heads CFR Middle East Task Force) Ronald Lauder (In February, 1999, took over
chairmanship of the Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations.) David Kemche - Chairman (Chair
of Israel’s Council on Foreign Relations)

EUROPEAN UNION Spain’s King Juan Carlos French President Jacques Chirac British Prime Minister
Tony Blair German President Helmut Kohl German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder Middle East Envoy
Miquel Moratinous


VATICAN Pope John Paul II



In an Agence France Presse (AFP) article, it was stated that U.S. Assistant Secretary of State
for the Near East, William Burns, said that Washington wanted "to break the cycle of violence"
so as to re-launch the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis.

He also emphasized the commitment of the U.S. Administration toward a return to the peace
process on the basis of U.N. Security Council resolutions 242 and 338, requiring Israel to give
up "occupied" territory and espousing the principle of trading land for peace.

With friends like the U.N. and the United States, who needs enemies? What is meant by
"occupied?" It is Israel’s land.


"I think the Mitchell report is an American-European product." Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon
Peres said. "There is harmonization, and God bless the harmonization. I think that as long as
they work together, the better it will be. What unites them is the fight against terror; what
may break this is if we shall begin to de-legitimize Arafat."

"For us, the harmonization of Europe and America is more important than to break it in order to
single out Arafat." He said de-legitimizing Arafat would destroy the harmony, since there are
some European countries which do not accept that Arafat is a terrorist. [Ed Note: Arafat
participates in the Bilderberg meetings. (See July EU Report in nwo.]

Peres said the Israeli public is mistaken if it thinks that the problem is Arafat, and that the
problem would be solved if he would suddenly disappear.


Jewish and Arab businessmen were proud of their efforts in the planning behind the scenes of
the Oslo Accords. I know because I met with a prominent Jewish businessman in Dallas. He
proudly shared with me pictures of his Arab and Jewish counterparts along with Yasser Arafat.

This man really believed there would finally be lasting peace in Israel. Talk about wishful
thinking! It has been a total failure, and worse yet: it has put Israel at great risk. It is
remarkable how many people have been involved, at many levels, all over a small amount of land
in Israel.

Unfortunately, the radical Muslims, who took control once the peace talks began, caught this
very nice and honorable man, a conservative Jew, off guard. It wasn’t the diplomats in charge;
it has been the terrorists. In addition, this man is not aware that the land they were dealing
with was the land that God gave to Israel, and that it was not to be given for peace and
security. He certainly wasn’t aware of the importance of the Abrahamic Covenant.

However, all of this hasn’t surprised those who are prophetically tuned into the significance
of what has happened in Israel the last ten years. As much as we have hated to see what has
transpired, along with the U.S. role, there shouldn’t be any surprises because this has all
been prophesied in our Bible.


The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), its leaders and policy makers at the State Department
and the White House and at the United Nations, has been the policy-maker in the Middle East
rather than the Word of God.

The CFR’s plan has been to bring world peace and to insure the steady flow of oil for the
world’s economy. They could have referred to the Word of God for His direction, but of course
they haven’t, and thus they have brought the current scenario to a potentially cataclysmic
point. [ED note: CFR believes Israel/PA is an unsolvable situation]

The CFR has mistakenly relied on man and not on the Lord to handle the Middle East problem. The
CFR has also totally misread (or been in total denial) about the desires of the radical
Muslims, who call for the destruction of Israel and its people.


The Israeli settlers have become pawns in this "peace game," and as John McTernan showed us in
"God’s Final Warning to America," that makes the Lord very mad.

During the week of October 11, Jewish settlers on 15 West Bank hilltops in Israel were evicted.
The settlers resisted this eviction and the confrontation was reported in the national media
throughout the week. Remember, President Clinton was the power behind Israel’s giving land for

On October 16, the New York Times ran a front-page article about this confrontation titled, "On
the West Bank, a Mellow View of Eviction." What is amazing, also on the same front page was an
article titled, "Big Sell-Off Caps Dow’s Worst Week Since October ‘89." During the week, the
market lost 5.7 percent, and it was the worst week since October 1989.

While Israel was forcing settlers off the covenant land, the stock market was melting down. On
October 15, the market lost 266 points! Also on October 15, Hurricane Irene hit North Carolina,
and on the morning of the 16th, a powerful 7.1 earthquake rocked the Southwest. (Read Ezekiel



In John McTernan’s book, "God’s Final Warning to America," the author noted that the United
States held its presidential election on November 7. The election resulted in total political
chaos as neither candidate was declared a winner. The State of Florida hung in the balance to
determine who would be elected president.

The election dragged on and on until the Florida results went to the United States Supreme
Court. On December 12, the court ruled and George W. Bush was declared the winner. From
November 7, until December 12, the U.S. government was in chaos. There was no elected

The Israeli government was de-stabilized by the direct actions of former President Bill
Clinton. At almost the exact time that the Israeli government was in chaos, the U.S. government
was de-stabilized and in chaos. On December 9, the election was set in Israel, and a few days
later the U.S. election was settled.

Both governments were in chaos at nearly the exact time! What was happening to the Israeli
government, was happening at the same time to the U.S. Government. The country that was
responsible for de-stabilizing Israel was itself de-stabilized at the very same time.

While the United States presidential election was in total chaos from the worst crisis in over
100 years, President Clinton invited Yasser Arafat to Washington to try and re-start the peace
talks, which had completely broken down after the Camp David "summit" in July and the intifada,
which started in September.

Arafat arrived in Washington on November 9, just two days after the election, while the voting
results were in doubt and the process was melting down! On November 9, the media headlines were
shared by the election crisis and the Arafat meeting with Clinton!



National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice offered the following information on President Bush’s
trip to Europe at a White House Press Conference on Friday, July 13. The information had to do
with President Bush’s visit to Britain, Italy for the Genoa G-8 conference, and a scheduled
meeting with Pope John Paul II.

Tensions are certainly increasing in Israel, and I am curious what the Pope will tell President
Bush about that situation. I am sure it will be something along the line of what the Pope said
in Damascus, Syria, on May 6. As a reminder, he called for lasting peace in the Middle East and
for all parties to fulfill the U.N. Resolutions and the Geneva Convention.

Ms. Rice said, "At the Vatican, the President is looking forward to his meeting, for the first
time, with Pope John Paul II, one of the great thinkers, moral and religious leaders of our
time. You should also know that the Vatican and the United States have a close dialogue on
international issues of common interest."

She continued. "The U.S. values, in particular, the Vatican’s significant contributions to
international peace and human rights. The U.S. and the Holy See share many common views and
consult regularly about issues of religious freedom."



It is a sad irony that many in America believe that the U.S. has stood by Israel. In reality,
this nation has led them to the edge of the abyss, though the flawed policies of the Reagan,
Bush (the elder), and Clinton Administrations.

The State Department and the White House’s past policies have been designed to protect the flow
of Middle East oil. This is the same concern that President George W. Bush has. Regardless of
the intentions, bad or good, the American policies have put the "apple of God’s eye" in harm’s

The United States has put a noose around Israel’s neck by sponsoring, or co-sponsoring, Madrid,
Oslo, Wye, Tenet, and the Mitchell plans. Yet the U.S. thinks we are standing by Israel.

The United States’ misguided Middle Eastern policy has been designed around protecting the flow
of oil from that region. And Israel has been used as insurance, through a presence there, to
keep a foothold in the region. It has also cost the U.S. taxpayers billion of dollars in aide
to our so-called Arab "allies" who have all sided against Israel since her independence in

But then again, as I mentioned above, the oil issue has moved prophetic matters to a closer
fulfillment. In other words, God’s is in control, and His plans play out to perfection.



The United States has prospered in the past, in spite of our social condition, because this
nation has been there to protect Israel, and because of our Christian heritage. However, if
United States policy causes Israel to go to war, will the same happen to the United States?

If the United States had been unconditionally in favor of Israel all along, so that if anybody
attacked her, we would respond, the country would be in a better position right now. The USA
also would have developed a national energy program which was not reliant on the unpredictable
Muslim nations.

But then again, God’s Word, the Bible, has foretold all these current events, leading our world
to the completion of the church age and the coming reign of Jesus Christ.

Even the church today, struggling with the apostasy prophesied in the same Holy Bible they
purport to follow, falls under the shadow. Most Catholics, Methodists, Presbyterians,
Episcopalians, and other denominations believe the church has replaced Israel, and they don’t
understand the importance of Israel. They casually regard the Bible as a book and not the
active Word of God.

Even the Reform and Conservative Jews who have been involved in the peace talks have stepped
in, trying to come up with a deal in the pursuit of peace and security to make life better in
Israel. They tried to use the land (God’s land) and not the Lord to help resolve the problem.

The radical Muslim leaders have called upon and used the peacemakers of the United Nations and
the United States. These are the same Muslims who want to destroy the nation of Israel and
drive its people into the Mediterranean.

This American administration has been warned about not participating in the Israeli land
giveaway through letters, books, and other published material. Unfortunately, attitudes and
commitments have come so far that it isn’t easy to turn back. If the U.S. did change direction,
it would greatly complicate political matters, but it would be a courageous, faith-led
decision. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear likely.

Additionally, the Arafat administration of the Palestine Liberation Organization has studied
the work of Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda mastermind in Nazi Germany. He hated Jews.
His method was to stir something up, blame it on the Jews, and then call for martial law.

Arafat follows a similar "modus operandi;" he starts the violent intifada, blames it on the
Jews, and then calls for United Nations peacekeepers. The whole world, except the United
States, now seems to be in favor of U.N. peacekeepers.



Israel has her shortcomings, just like other nations of the world, but the Lord will not allow
her to be sacrificed or put at risk without responding forcefully. He has certainly given the
United States many warnings on the same day Israel was pushed to give up its land by three
different Presidential Administrations in the last ten years.

Should the American church go unpunished for its replacement theology, naiveté, apostasy, and
apathy towards Israel? Putting the Middle East process into perspective, let’s review the
church background of a few of the following peace participants. Former president George H. W.
Bush is an Episcopalian. Did he ever hear of the importance of Israel in his church? No! Did he
ever hear about a supernatural God? It is doubtful.

Former president Bill Clinton is a non-practicing Baptist. He didn’t see the importance of
standing by Israel, and he did a lot of harm to Israel for the purpose of establishing a legacy
and "as he said" an attempt at an atonement for his improprieties. This dysfunctional leader’s
efforts failed and put Israel in a very precarious position. He also spoke of lasting peace
frequently, something that is not mentioned in the Bible until Jesus Christ’s Second Coming.

President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are Methodists. Did they ever hear of
the importance of standing by Israel? Again, it is doubtful.

Did Condoleeza Rice hear about the importance of Israel as the daughter and granddaughter of
Presbyterian Pastors? Did Methodist Chief of Staff Andrew Card, or his wife who is about to
become an ordained Methodist Minister, ever hear about the importance of standing by Israel?

Did Counselor to the President, Karen Hughes, a Presbyterian Elder, hear about the importance
of standing by Israel? Did White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, as a child of reform
Jewish parents, ever hear about the importance of preserving Israel’s land?

Did Secretary of State Colin Powell or Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld ever hear about the
importance of standing by Israel?

Here is the current problem. These leaders don’t know of the importance of Israel in God’s plan
or the reality of an active, supernatural Lord in their own lives. Instead, they rely on their
intelligence and idealism to solve problems in a fallen world. All these people are good and
decent people, but they are not aware of the Abrahamic Covenant, which makes it clear that
God’s land is not to be given away or compromised for peace and security.

It is obvious who has had the clout in the affairs of the Middle East. I listed many of them
above. These are the people "American, Europeans, Israelis and Muslim leaders" who have shoved
Israel to the brink of war whether they were aware of it or not.

And whether they know it or not, there will be a huge price to be paid and consequence "not
only for the United States, but for the countries in the United Nations who have placed Israel
in harm’s way. These are the countries who have approved 429 resolutions (out of 690) against
Israel before 1990.

However, their actions are prime examples in today’s world that these people are not aware with
whom they are dealing, Apparently, they will soon find out, and He will respond accordingly.



United Nations Resolution 242 ­ November 22, 1967

United Nations Resolution 338 ­ November 22, 1967

Remarks at the Opening Session of the Middle East Peace Conference in Madrid, Spain ­ President
George H.W. Bush - October 30, 1991 -

Oslo 1: Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements - September 13, 1993

Olso 2: Treaty Of Peace Between The State Of Israel And The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan October
26, 1994 -

Wye River Memorandum ­ October 23, 1998

The Mitchell Report On Israeli-Palestinian Violence ­ April 30, 2001


[Source: Koenig's International News - ]